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Le Meridien Hotel in Limassol, Cyprus for Weddings - Unravel Travel TVLe Meridien Hotel in Limassol is one of several hotels in Cyprus that is a serious magnet for weddings. It is a residents only resort meaning the wedding couple must be staying in the hotel to have their wedding here. Couples can exchange their vows on site in a romantic ceremony and there are numerous locations to choose from. Whether your preference is by one of the mosaic swimming pools, under a stone arch or in the hotel gardens. The pier is particularly popular for those getting married in

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Cyprus Weather

Cyprus is the warmest island in the Mediterranean. The mean daily temperature in July and August ranges between 29°C on the central plain to 22°C on the Troodos mountains, while the average maximum temperature for these months ranges between 36°C and 27°C respectively. Winters are mild. The island, on average, enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine every year, and the rainy season is confined to the period between November and March. Snow occurs rarely in the lowland and on the northern range of Keryneia but falls every winter on ground above 1.000 metres on the Troodos Range, usually occurring by the first week in December and ending by the middle of April.

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