All Year Round Sunshine In Cyprus

Cyprus climate is one of the best in the Mediterranean. If you are thinking of taking a holiday, you have to know what the weather is like in different seasons. You want to travel when it is not too hot. You shouldn’t worry about the cold, as it is hardly ever under 10 degrees. Still, you have to get prepared to the climate, an find out when is it suitable to travel to Cyprus. This article will give you a full guide of Cyprus weather all through the year, so you can plan your visit at your convenience.

What is the Climate of Cyprus like

The climate in Cyprus is mostly warm or hot, However, even if it goes over 35 degrees, as it is an island, you will not feel it too hot. The weather does not change a lot through the period between Spring and Autumn, so you can plan ahead, not like in England.

In the summer you can experience clear blue sky all day. The temperatures are warm, sometimes hot, but the sea wind will make it more bearable for visitors. Cyprus summer lasts from May to October, and it is suitable for  outdoor activities as well as enjoying the Cyprus sun. If you are traveling in the Summer, you should plan shopping and visits to the city for the morning or evening. The midday can be really warm, and if you are not used to the climate, it can cause you problems. If you don’t like heat, you can visit Cyprus over the spring or autumn, or hide in Troodos mountains, where the air is fresher.

It is more suitable to visit Cyprus in the autumn, if you are planning on sightseeing instead of a beach holiday. You can see the leaves turn into different colors and shades, and participate in the wine festivals. They are usually held in the end of the summer or early September. This is the best time to get to know local food and wine as well. It does not mean that the sea temperature drops until November, so you can still enjoy swimming and water sports Cyprus has to offer.

Int he winter it is more likely to start raining. You will still have mostly sunny days, for at least 6 hours. You also have to know that unlike in Greece and Turkey, most of the tourist attractions and sites are open in the winter. The museums and heritages sites are still open. Life does not stop. The winter is the best time to plan journeys around the island, exploring different places and Troodos. There are great snowboarding sites in Cyprus as well as skiing facilities. Thankfully, the winter does not last long, and from March you can expect the weather to become friendlier and the sea temperatures to rise.

Spring is still the very best time to visit Cyprus. You can enjoy the sight of millions of wildflowers blooming from March, and there are plenty of flower festivals in this season. The most pleasant season is spring, and you will never be disappointed what Cyprus has to offer from March to April.

The weather in Cyprus overall is great, even compared to other Mediterranean counrties. That is why it is one of the most popular places people from less fortunate climate want to relocate to.

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Cyprus Weather

Cyprus is the warmest island in the Mediterranean. The mean daily temperature in July and August ranges between 29°C on the central plain to 22°C on the Troodos mountains, while the average maximum temperature for these months ranges between 36°C and 27°C respectively. Winters are mild. The island, on average, enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine every year, and the rainy season is confined to the period between November and March. Snow occurs rarely in the lowland and on the northern range of Keryneia but falls every winter on ground above 1.000 metres on the Troodos Range, usually occurring by the first week in December and ending by the middle of April.

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