The Health Benefits Of Cyprus Weather

If you haven’t heard about it: scientists have confirmed that the climate has a huge effect on how you feel and what type of health problems you will develop. Cyprus weather is proven to help many people who suffer from asthma and other sinus illnesses. That is why Cyprus weather is like magnet for people looking for a healthier lifestyle and longer life expectancy.

The average life expectancy on the island, thanks to the Cyprus weather, for the whole population is about 77.66 years, and a staggering 80.57 for women,  Cyprus weather helps people live a better quality of life. Sunshine also provides essential Vitamin D for your body, and Cyprus weather will help you avoid nerve problems and can keep your bones healthy for longer.

By settling down on the island, many sufferers have already managed to get rid of excruciating pain they have been suffering from for years. It is all down to the Cyprus weather. Arthritis sufferers have also benefited from the mild and not too wet Cyprus weather.

But it is not the Cyprus weather alone that is giving you health benefits, but the food. Eating ripe fruits and vegetables, grown in the sun, instead of greenhouses is going to change your health. That also means that farms on Cyprus don’t have to use that many chemicals to influence the growth of the plants, thanks to the Cyprus weather.

Cyprus weather in the Northern parts is much milder, so if you want to avoid heatwaves, you should look for properties there. It is not too often when the Cyprus weather goes wild, though, the temperatures rarely reach 40 degrees, and even then you will have plenty of options to escape from the heat, of cool down in the sea.

Winter Cyprus weather is also mild, it is usually not dropping under ten degrees. That means you can enjoy more outdoor sports all year round, and don’t have to stay at home to avoid icy roads. Although Cyprus weather is quite warm all year long, the air is fresh, and not too dry, helping people with respiratory problems get better.

Another health benefit of the Cyprus weather is that you can pretty much live outside. The Cyprus weather lets you enjoy early morning breakfast on the balcony, and late dinners in the garden. Obviously you will need some time (usually a year) to adopt to Cyprus weather, but it will worth to change for the better and preserve your most valuable asset: your health.

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Cyprus is the warmest island in the Mediterranean. The mean daily temperature in July and August ranges between 29°C on the central plain to 22°C on the Troodos mountains, while the average maximum temperature for these months ranges between 36°C and 27°C respectively. Winters are mild. The island, on average, enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine every year, and the rainy season is confined to the period between November and March. Snow occurs rarely in the lowland and on the northern range of Keryneia but falls every winter on ground above 1.000 metres on the Troodos Range, usually occurring by the first week in December and ending by the middle of April.

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